We are change makers. We aren’t afraid to take risks if it means we can find answers to our world’s most pressing issues. Our scholars are global citizens inspired to make a difference.

Your gift enables our Chancellor to ensure faculty and student innovation has the means to thrive.

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Graduate students play a vital role at the university. They serve as mentors and teachers to undergraduates, assist with faculty projects, and devote their time to pioneering research initiatives.

By supporting fellowships, you ensure graduate students have the means to become the next generation of trailblazing researchers, artists, scholars and healers.

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For more than a century, Scripps Institution of Oceanography has been driving discoveries of our Earth, ocean and environment, and educating new generations on how to protect our planet.

Your gift helps launch expeditions around the world, bringing to the surface new insights that affect how we interact with our planet.

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Carnegie Corporation Supports International Talks on Northeast Asia

The talks provide a rare opportunity for government, military officials and leading academics to come together to exchange views and improve understanding.

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Junior Seau Foundation Supports Brain Injury Studies and Education

Matching funds will bring total support to $1 million for traumatic brain injury research and community outreach efforts.

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