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School of Global Policy and Strategy
The School of Global Policy and Strategy is addressing the great societal challenges of the 21st century with pioneering research, analysis of public policy and markets, and studies on global issues of conflict and cooperation.

Jacobs School of Engineering
The Jacobs School of Engineering is the youngest and fastest-rising of the nation's top 15 engineering schools and the largest engineering school in the University of California system.

The Preuss School UCSD
Named the nation's #1 transformative high school by Newsweek magazine, The Preuss School UCSD is an intensive college preparatory environment for low income middle and high school students.

Rady School of Management
The Rady School of Management educates a new breed of leader-innovators whose deep understanding of business and science inspires creative collaboration among engineers, scientists and business people.

School of Medicine
The UC San Diego School of Medicine, ranked among the nation’s top research-intensive medical schools, trains capable, compassionate physicians to serve our community and the world, providing exceptional care and pursuing new medical breakthroughs.

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences prepares students to be leaders in clinical pharmacy, partners in health care delivery and collaborative researchers who strive to improve human health.




Arts and Humanities
With more than 100 undergraduate majors and graduate programs, the division of Arts and Humanities makes UC San Diego a center of excellence in teaching and creative research.

Biological Sciences
The division of Biological Sciences drives discovery in many areas of science and is the foundation for innovation and solutions to some of the most urgent issues of our time.

UC San Diego Extension presents over 600 courses and 120 certificate programs each quarter, offering an array of educational opportunities for career advancement, degree programs and general enrichment.

Health System
UC San Diego Health Systems, the region’s only academic health system, provides excellent and compassionate patient care, as well as advancing medical discoveries and educating future.

University Libraries have earned worldwide respect and admiration for their unique collections of books and journals, sound-and-video-recordings, government documents and maps, archives and manuscripts, and digital resources.

Physical Sciences
The division of Physical Sciences has helped fuel the university's rapid rise to national and international distinction—and continues toset the pace for innovations that affect the world.

Social Sciences
Social Sciences is a vibrant collection of outstanding departments, programs and research units that serve humanity and focus on some of the most pressing and important social issues of our time.




Marshall College
Thurgood Marshall College, founded in 1970, has a philosophical commitment to the development of both the scholar and citizen in every student.

Muir College
John Muir College, founded in 1967, is true to the principles of its namesake, promoting awareness of environmental issues and involvement in environmental preservation and sustainability.

Revelle College
Revelle College, founded in 1964 and named for UC San Diego founder Roger Revelle, emphasizes a solid background in the liberal arts and sciences as the foundation for a contemporary. education

Roosevelt College
Eleanor Roosevelt College, founded in 1988, emphasizes the combined importance of knowledge, leadership and service as core characteristics of the well-educated student.

Sixth College
Sixth College, founded in 2001, is dedicated to helping students acquire the interpersonal skills, technical know-how and cultural awareness needed to thrive and be effective global citizens.

Warren College
Earl Warren College, founded in 1974, is committed to helping its students gain the intellectual, social and decision-making skills necessary to assume responsible global citizenship.