Faculty Excellence Awards

2015 Faculty Excellence Awards Winners
2015 Faculty Excellence Award Winners (L to R) Dennis Childs, Roger Reynolds, Larry Milstein, James Hamilton, Melissa Famulari and Martin Yanofsky.

Highly coveted awards for excellence in teaching, research, community service and the visual and performing arts are presented to outstanding UC San Diego faculty members by Chancellor's Associates each year. The event offers an annual opportunity to honor UC San Diego faculty as a whole, while highlighting the important contributions of the university's most exemplary members.

Faculty Excellence Award Winners 2015

We are pleased to announce the following award recipients for 2015. Learn more about the winners in the awards press release or view video from the 2015 Faculty Excellence Awards event.

Melissa Famulari FEA 2015

Melissa Famulari, Associate Professor of Economics
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Professor Famulari has created a more effective teaching program for undergraduate economics by redesigning the UC San Diego curriculum to implement multiple channels for learning and retention. Her leadership extends throughout the University of California system with the development of interactive technologies for Intermediate Microeconomics and service to students with disabilities. Professor Famulari’s work has been recognized by the largest Instructional Learning Technology Initiative grant across the University of California.

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Laurence Milstein FEA 2015

Laurence Milstein, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Excellence in Graduate Teaching

For more than thirty-eight years, Professor Milstein has been a model for attracting top graduate students to UC San Diego. He engages students using a blackboard and handwritten notes to clarify fundamental theoretical concepts vital to communication and storage systems. Inspired by his knowledge, passion, responsibility, and patience, Professor Milstein’s more than fifty-five doctoral advisees, countless master’s students, and postdoctoral trainees have gone on to make significant contributions in academia and industry.

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James Hamilton FEA 2015

James Hamilton, Professor of Economics
Excellence in Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Hamilton is an internationally recognized, groundbreaking scholar in econometrics and macroeconomics, lauded for the breadth and impact of his contributions in business cycles, monetary policy, oil prices, exchange rates, and government debt. Since 1981, he has published eighty-one influential books and articles. Professor Hamilton’s Times Series Analysis is the textbook for most graduate econometrics courses and practicing economists, and his research has been cited an estimated 40,000 times.

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Martin Yanofsky FEA 2015

Martin Yanofsky, Distinguished Professor of Biology
Excellence in Research in Science and Engineering

Distinguished Professor Yanofsky is a world leader in developmental and evolutionary plant biology, specifically regulatory genes. His discoveries are featured in basic cell and molecular biology textbooks used by thousands of students, and his twenty-three patents have profound implications for global agricultural resources. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Yanofsky has contributed to the UC San Diego faculty for 24 years.

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Dennis Childs FEA 2015

Dennis Childs, Associate Professor of Literature
Excellence in Community Service

A scholar-activist, Professor Childs has distinguished himself as a leader in steering UC San Diego to a safer, more inclusive, and socially just space. His dedication to creating an environment that supports and values diverse backgrounds has enabled youth from underrepresented communities to obtain a world-class education. By focusing on the school-to-prison pipeline and migrant detention/deportation, Professor Childs has improved community outreach, undergraduate retention, and graduate student mentorship.

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Roger Reynolds FEA 2015

Roger Reynolds, Professor of Music
Excellence in the Performing and Visual Arts

Professor Reynolds is synonymous with the graduate-level music composition program, which is among the best worldwide. A Pulitzer Prize–winning composer, he maintains a high level of research on composers, aesthetics, and creativity while producing boundary-crossing musical works that embrace new technologies and transform tradition. As a mentor, Professor Reynolds has had an impact on students since 1969 and is noted for his ability to challenge students to find their own voice.

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