501(c)(3): Section of the tax code that defines nonprofit, charitable tax-exempt organizations such as the UC San Diego Foundation.

Alumni Associates: Donors recognized for their annual gifts of $50 or more to support student scholarships and alumni programming.

Alumni Founders: A giving society that recognizes distinguished alumni who have given $1 million or more cumulatively to UC San Diego.

Annual Giving: An area of fundraising that focuses on recurring annual gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the university.

Alumni Benefactors: Donors recognized for their annual gifts of $500 or more to support the Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Beneficiary: The recipient(s) of donor funds.

Campaign: A well-defined fundraising effort that has specific goals, targets, funding needs and long-term organizational objectives.

Chancellor’s Associates: Donors recognized for their annual leadership gifts to UC San Diego of $2,500 or more each year to be used at the Chancellor’s discretion to fund the university’s greatest needs.

Bequest: The most common form of planned giving, a bequest to the university from an estate is made through a will or living trust.

Challenge Funds: Challenge grants or gifts often serve as “seed money” to provide early-stage support for a project and motivate giving from other donors.

Chancellor’s Laureates: A UC San Diego giving society that recognizes leadership giving of $1 million or more.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A contract whereby UC San Diego agrees to pay a fixed annuity to a maximum of two beneficiaries in exchange for the irrevocable transfer of assets by the donor to the university.

Charitable Lead Trusts:  UC San Diego receives income from the donor's assets for a specified period of time, after which the asset is transferred back to the donor or to the donor's heirs.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT): A custom designed and individually managed trust funded through a gift of stock, cash or other assets that provides a predictable, fixed income for the donor and his or her beneficiaries, and a future gift to UC San Diego.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT): A CRUT is very similar to the CRAT. The trust provides yearly, variable income to the donor or his beneficiaries for a specified number of years or for life; UC San Diego receives the principal and uses it in accordance with the donor's wishes.

Commemorative, Memorial or Tribute Gift:  A gift to honor or in memory of a special individual or loved one that can be directed to any area of the university. Gifts can also commemorate a special occasion, birthday or graduation.

Deferred Gift Annuity:  The donor makes a gift now, and receives annuity payments at a future pre-determined date.

Designated Gift:  Donors may designate their gift to support a specific area of UC San Diego that interests them the most.

Employer Matching Gift: Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that may double or triple any charitable contributions made by their employees or retirees. Find out more.

Endowment: Funds invested by the UC San Diego Foundation that generate income in perpetuity to support a wide variety of donor-designated needs ranging from student scholarships to faculty recruitment, infrastructure enhancement to research support.

Endowed Faculty Chair: At UC San Diego, although state funds provide basic faculty salaries, permanent endowed funds created by philanthropic gifts support chair-holders’ teaching and research.

Funds for Greatest Need: Unrestricted gifts that provide a pool of flexible funds to help the university meet its highest priority needs, respond quickly to emerging opportunities and invest in areas of the highest potential.

In-kind contribution: A non-cash gift of tangible property, such as equipment, supplies or books; organizations may also donate the use of space or staff time as an in-kind contribution.

Graduate Fellowship: Provides financial support for graduate students to allow them to focus on their research.

Leadership Gift: An early gift of $100,000 or more to a fundraising initiative that builds a strong philanthropic foundation for the project.

Legacy Society:  A giving society that recognizes donors who make a future commitment to UC San Diego through charitable annuities, bequest intentions or other planned gifts.

Naming Gift:  UC San Diego properties, academic and non-academic programs and facilities can be named in honor of persons or entities that have made significant gifts to enable the teaching, research and public service mission of the university.

Office of Development: Staffed by fundraising professionals, this department enhances UC San Diego’s tradition of excellence by encouraging private support.

Online Giving: A general term used to describe fundraising over the Internet, including online appeals, giving webpages and campaign websites.

Planned Giving: A broad term that refers to contributions made to charitable organizations that usually involve financial planning related to the contributor's estate.

Pledge: Donors may agree to make a gift over a period of time, up to five years, by mutual agreement with the university.

Pooled Income Fund:  A donor gift of cash, securities or other assets to UCSD Pooled Income Funds is combined with the contributions from other donors and invested jointly in a diversified portfolio.

Restricted Gift: Gifts made for a clearly specified purpose, such as a particular scholarship, area of research or for a particular faculty member to use.

Scholarships: For students with financial need, scholarships help bridge the gap between college expenses and financial aid.

Support Groups: Registered with the university to provide assistance in fundraising, public outreach and other activities, using the university’s name or resources such as equipment, facilities or personnel. Groups must reapply annually for official recognition.

Tax-Exempt: Refers to organizations that do not have to pay taxes such as federal or state corporate tax or state sales tax. Individuals who make donations to such organizations may be able to deduct these contributions from their income tax.

Telephone Outreach Program: An in-house/student caller program that operates year-round to build the UC San Diego base of annual private support and help keep the lines of communication open between the university and its alumni, parents and friends.

UC San Diego Foundation: A separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to promote the educational and research purposes of UC San Diego. Governed by an independent board of directors, the Foundation generates and accepts charitable donations, and manages a diverse portfolio of assets such as stocks and bonds, artwork, commercial and residential real property, trusts, and cash.

University Benefactors: Donors in this UC San Diego group provide leadership support through commitments of $100,000 or more.

Unrestricted gift: Flexible funds that help the university meet its highest priority needs, respond quickly to emerging opportunities and invest in areas of the highest potential.